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2018 - 2019

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September - 2018

"The Influence of Personal Characteristics:  Personality, Culture & Environment

Facilitator's Guide     Personal Characteristics Pub     Leadership Personality PowerPoint

Tuesday, 8/21/18 - Grayson County Extension Office @ 9:30 a.m., CST

Fundamentally, leadership involves human interaction.  Thus, understanding ourselves, our temperaments and why we tend to respond in certain ways is important in our development as a leader and in working with others to reach shared goals.  To grow as an effective leader, you must understand yourself, as well as the differences of personal characteristics in others.

October - 2018

"Getting Smart with Your Phone"

Facilitator's Guide     Fun Photo Apps     Password Re-Set     Navigating Social Media

Tuesday, 9/18/18 - Hardin County Extension Office @ 10:00 a.m., CST

What's a Twitter?  Who is "Wifi" and why's he everywhere I go?  I'm not a multi-tasker, how do people snap and chat at the same time?  If these are questions you tend to ask yourself, this basic guidance session for navigating your smartphone, and current social media applications through your phone, might be for you.  This Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) session is intended to help narrow your own smart device "training gap".  We'll cover basic set-up and updates for your device, popular social media applications, and end the session by allowing you the opportunity to ask pertinent questions during a final Q & A session.

November - 2018 - Mailout Lesson

"Ever Had a Leak? URINE Not Alone!"

Urinary Incontinence     Food & Drink Supplemental Handout

Bladder Diary     Pelvic Floor Strengthening

Although many believe that the occasional bladder leak is just part of aging, it can occur much younger in life.  Twenty five percent of young women (14-21 years) all the way up to 75% of older women (75 years or older) experience bladder leaks.  A frequent cause is weakness in the pelvic floor.  This lesson will help you learn more about this common but embarrassing problem, such as how to strengthen your pelvic floor and when to see a doctor.

January - 2019 - Mailout Lesson

"How Sweet It Is"

Sugar, How Sweet Is it?     Mastering Food Choices     Staying off the Sofa

Sugar is the most popular food additive in the United States.  It is considered an essential ingredient for baking and it is found naturally in fruits, vegetables, and even nuts.  In trying to make healthy food and drink choices for our families, we need to understand how sugar can affect our daily calorie intake.  This lesson will explore the basics about sugar, sugar substitutes and how we can sweeten everyday life in a healthy and satisfying way. 

February - 2019

"Pull Yourself Together - Techniques for Mindfulness"

Techniques for Mindfullness - Facilitator's Guide

Techniques for Mindfullness     Deep Breathing & Simple Meditation

Tuesday, 1/29/19 - Grayson County Extension Office @ 10:00 a.m., CST

Society is moving at a faster pace.  Technology is ever evolving.  It's a full time job just to keep up with everything!  This class will teach you some new, trending techniques to make sure you are meeting your personal needs, both mentally and physically.  Learn about bullet journaling, podcasts, and books that can help you reach your highest potential in managing this crazy thing called life and relieving stress along the way.

March - 2019

"Economical Entrees with Time Saving Appliances"

Air Fryers     Electric Pressure Cookers     Electric Pressure Cooker FAQs

Pressure Cooker Recipes     Sous Vide Cooking

Tuesday, 2/26/19 - Grayson County Extension Office @ 1:00 p.m., CST

This lesson will demonstrate various features of Instant Pots and Air Fryers and how they can be used to create time saving and nutritious meals.  Includes a guide for purchasing and preparing easy,  healthy, and economical entrees.

April - 2019

"Sewing Skills on the Mend"

Sewing Glossary     Buttons & Buttonholes     Hand Stitches

Friday, 3/29/19 - LaRue County Extension Office @ 11:30 a.m., CST

Has it been a while since you sewed and you need a refresher?  Have you never learned to sew?  This class is taking you back to the basics.  Mend a tear, hem pants, and sew on a button.  These are skills that aren't getting passed on to the younger generations, but that we all need to know.  Even if you already know how to sew, this class will help you learn how to teach it to someone else in a way they can understand.  Your granddaughters?  New mom at church?  Many young women are craving to know such a simple skill, yet don't know where to start.  The average cost of getting a seamstress to hem a pair of pants is $10-$12.  Save your money, save your gas driving to and from her space, and hem them at home in no time!  Then, teach someone else how to do it too! 

May - 2019

"Consumer Beware"

Tuesday, 4/23/19 - Hardin County Extension Office @ 12:30 p.m., CST

Scam Alert Handout

It seems like every day someone comes up with a new way to rob someone through scams and money schemes.  This program will focus on the latest scams and how you can protect your identity, bank account and credit rating.

September - 2017


Probiotics - Friendly Bacteria         Crossword Puzzle          Recipe

Thursday, 8/31/17 - Grayson County Extension Office @ 1:00 p.m., CST.

Probiotics are friendly bacteria and are important to a healthy gut.  But, do you know the

source, how they work in your body, and how they keep your body healthy?  This program

will cover the importance and sources of probiotics.

October - 2017

"Baking and Breaking Bread Together"

Baking & Breaking Bread Together          Lesson Outline

The Art of Baking Bread          Making Half Your Grains

Monday, 9/18/17 - Grayson County Extension Office @ 1:00 p.m., CST.

Bread baking can yield delicious aromas and delectable flavors, but many will tell you it is

also a great way to relax and relieve stress.  This program will focus on the basics of bread

making and ideas for relieving stress during the process.

November - 2017

"Weighing in on Sleep"

How Important is Sleep?     Weighing in on Sleep - PowerPoint     Weighing in on Sleep

Tuesday, 10/24/17 - Grayson County Extension Office @ 1:00 p.m.

Research shows not getting enough sleep can cause weight gain, as well as fatigue.  This

program will cover stages of sleep and ways you can improve healthy sleep for a healthier


January - 2018 - Mailout Lesson

"Making Your Minutes Matter"

Saying No to Negative Stress     Taking Charge When You Get Really Stressed Out

Calming the Storm - Process for Gaining Control over Stress

Sometimes life is stressful, and we can't change that.  In confronting stress, we learn about

ourselves and we grow in strength and wisdom.  However, stress can be harmful and

unnecessary when not managed.  In Making Your Minutes Matter, you will learn to identify

stressors and triggers in your life and how to confront those situations in order to decrease

our stress levels and lead a more successful, satisfying life. 

February - 2018

"Living Big with Less Stuff"

Living Big with Less Stuff - Facilitator's Guide     A Minimalist Handout on Minimalism

Downsizing Your Home

Thursday, 1/25/18 - Grayson County Extension Office @ 1:00 p.m., CST

The United States Census Bureau estimates that the average person will move 11.7 times

during his or her lifetime.  Although there are many reasons for a person to consider

moving, downsizing to a smaller home and adopting a minimal lifestyle has become a

recent trend.  Smaller homes typically require less maintenance and can result in significant

savings for the homeowner.  Participants will gain an understanding of the process of

downsizing to a smaller home and decluttering.

March - 2018

"Essential Oils"

Essential Oils & Aroma Therapy - Facilitator's Guide     Essential Oils & Aroma Therapy

Essential Oils PowerPoint     Most Popular Essential Oils 

Friday, 3/2/18 - Grayson County Extension Office @ 9:30 a.m., CST

In this lesson, you will learn about the popular trend of using Essential Oils for various parts

of your life.  While using essential oils is nothing new, it has become quite popular in the

last few years.  So, what exactly are they used for?  In this lesson, you will learn what an

essential oil is, various ways they can be used in the home, and the best combinations for

various ailments.  In addition, learn about safety precautions that should be considered

when using these products. 

April - 2018

"Miniature Gardening:  Exploring the Whimsical and Unexpected!"

Miniature Gardening Lesson       Indoor Plants       Making a Terrarium

Tuesday, 3/27/18 - Hardin County Extension Office @ 9:30 a.m., CST

The popularity of gardening continues to grow and with it many gardening trends have

emerged.  Miniature gardening or theme gardening are examples of these growing trends. 

Explore the creative world of miniature gardening by learning gardening basics, theme

gardening, and the therapeutic benefits to gardening in general.

May - 2018

"The China Closet:  A Basic Guide to Antique and Vintage Glassware"

The China Closet: A Basic Guide     Antique & Vintage Glassware     China Closet PP

Tuesday, 4/24/18 - Washington County Extension Office @ 9:30 a.m., CST

Collecting glass is a popular hobby for many, but how do you know if the pieces you collect

are valuable or reproduction pieces?  This lesson will cover the history, identification and

care of vintage and collectable glass.

September - 2016

"Making Healthy Beverage Choices"

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You      A Day of Beverages-Make Good Choices

PowerPoint-Making Healthy Beverage Choices       PowerPoint Script

Activity-Are You Sweet Smart?      Activity-I-Spy Game (for Facilitator)

Wednesday, 8/24/16 - Grayson County Extension Office @ 1:00 p.m., CST. 

Many do not realize that making healthy food choices also includes paying attention to what

we drink.  Many of our drinks are very high in calories and very low in nutrients.  This

program provides examples of daily calorie intake in the form of liquids, and gives

suggestions for improving nutritional content and ways to reduce calorie content of favorite


Instructor:  Cabrina Buckman, Washington County FCS Agent.

October - 2016

"Expand your Creativity with Chalk Paint"

DIY Facilitator's Guide     Chalk Paint Before & Afters     DIY Publication

Friday, 9/30/16 - Grayson County Extension Office @ 10:00 a.m., CST.

Learn how to update your home furnishings on a dime using chalk paint.  Will cover

painting techniques, what works best, and how to do a cost analysis of your project idea vs.

buying new furnishings.

Instructor:  Natalie Taul, Grayson County FCS Agent.

November - 2016

"Creating and Maintaining Family Traditions"

Facilitator's Guide     Handout:  Family Traditions Across the Life Course

Handout:  Creating & Maintaining Family Traditions

Wednesday, 11/2/16 - Grayson County Extension Office @ 9:30 a.m., CST.

Building a strong family takes time and effort.  Strong families are unified through deep

emotional connections with each other, a sense of belonging in the family system, and

healthy relationships between members.  Participants will:  identify primary assets to help

families develop and maintain healthy relationships; learn how to establish family traditions

while maintaining expectations for all family members; learn to adapt to challenges as a

family; and learn to connect families and communities.  

Instructor:  Jennifer Bridge, Meade County FCS Agent.

January - 2017

Mail-Out Lesson: 

"Economical Entrees"

Handout:  Economical Entrees

Ideas for easy and healthy main dishes while stretching the family food dollar.

February - 2017

"Varying your Fruits & Veggies with Exotic Choices" 

Facilitator's Guide     Recipe Cards     Lesson     Produce Availability Guide

Tuesday, 1/24/17 - Grayson County Extension Office @ 1:30 p.m., CST.

Do you ever see fruits and vegetables in the grocery store that you don't know how to

prepare or serve?  Such as - how do you eat a star fruit?  Prepare kohlrabi?  Learn about

varying your fruits and veggies with all the options in the store or at Farmer's Markets.

Instructor:  Dayna Parrett, Hardin County FCS Agent.

March - 2017

"Gardening in Small Spaces"

Fact Sheet          Presentation 

Tuesday, 2/28/17 - Hardin County Extension Office @ 9:30 a.m., CST.

Gardening, in one form or another, is often described as one of the most popular hobbies in

the country.  Involvement by people in gardening activities helps promote healthy habits. 

The physical activity of working in the garden burns calories, and consuming home-grown

vegetables is good for health as well.

Instructor:  Dennis Morgeson, Washington County Horticulture Agent.

April - 2017

"Travel Safety:  Know Before You Go"

Travel Safety Facilitator's Guide     Travel Safety Publication

Tuesday, 3/28/17 - Grayson County Extension Office @ 1:30 p.m., CST.

Being prepared for any travel makes the trip more enjoyable and safe for everyone.  This

program will help you complete necessary travel arrangements and be prepared if the

unexpected happens.  Simple actions can keep you and your property protected while you

travel.  This program will guide participants in identifying common travel scams, determine

personal travel insurance needs, identify safety pratices for travel, and much more.

Instructor:  Theresa Howard, Larue County FCS Agent.

May - 2017

"Savvy Sellers & Bargain Hunters"

Facilitator's Guide             Basic Guide to Yard Sales & Consignment Shops

Selling Online             Savvy Sellers PowerPoint

Thursday, 4/27/17 - Grayson County Extension Office @ 1:30 p.m., CST.

Many of us have items in our home that have been kept long beyond their usefulness. 

These items often clutter our houses.  Many times, clothes, bags, furniture, or odd knick-

knacks are still in good condition, yet we no longer have a use for them.  On the other

hand, many of us also have upcoming purchases, such as back-to-school clothes, home

redecorating, or furnishing a college apartment, that makes us wonder whether there is a

cheaper option.  Checking out local yard sales and consignment shops might help you save

substantially.  This program highlights the difference between yard sales, consignment

shops, and thrift stores.  It also helps you identify items that could be sold and determine

which outlet would be the best fit to sell those personal items.

Instructor:  Lynette Allen, Breckinridge County FCS Agent.

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